My name is Adrianne, and I graduated from Florida State University with a MS in International Affairs December 2014.  I’ve lived in Virginia, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Florida.

Life is a little crazy right now because of so many changes in my 20s, but they’re all good and mostly exciting. I’m a dreamer, and new ideas come to me every few days. My patient husband listens to them, and then lets me run ahead with all the sane ideas. I studied abroad in undergrad in Ireland and Italy, and spent a month in Nicaragua for Spanish and volunteer work in 2014. We traveled through the Middle East and Latin America from December 2014 to July 2015.

I enjoy reading, writing, playing music, spending time with friends, and of course, traveling.

Tallahassee 109

Jordan is from Oklahoma and has lived there most of his life. His BA is in cinema059 and  he hopes to go to grad school for cinematography or production when we return to the States. Jordan has studied abroad in Germany and understands a little German, thanks to his dad. He enjoys watching and discussing movies, photography, art, playing with his cat Cyrano de Bergerac, hanging out with family, and tweaking Adrianne’s half-planned ideas.

Jordan and I met orientation week as freshmen at John Brown University (not named after the crazy abolitionist). We married three years later in 2012 and have so far accumulated between the two of us a graduate degree, a cat, multiple passport stamps, some hand-me-down furniture, crazy work stories, and a passion to see the world and make a difference for the better in everyday life.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi guys! Are you still in Ecuador?
    Heading for Colombia?
    Nice blog!

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