Photo Essay: Our first week in Colombia

Leaving Ecuador at 6:30 am. This is the only (safe) land-crossing between Ecuador and Colombia. We were a little concerned about money changers or over-bearing taxistas, but no one has a lot of energy that early in the morning, so we were fine. The border opens at 6 am and we easily got stamps and walked across!


Several hours later, we finally found our resting place for the next day: a hostel in a little town called Chachagui outside of Pasto, Colombia.


There’s hiking in the area, but we were in sore need of relaxation. The next day we took a collective to Cali, a larger city north of us. It was unusually hilly, curvy, and bumpy going through the mountains. All three of us were completely carsick, which is rare for any of us. It was a long eight-hour trip.IMG_3852 On the collectivo we met a girl named Jennifer who was friendly and invited us to her house in Tulua, two hours beyond Cali. We were tired of spending money, so we thought, sure, let’s go with the friendly stranger and see what happens! It ended up being a great cultural experience, complete with a few miscommunications and all sorts of stuff. I’ll probably write a blog post about language miscommunications in the future. But we did lots of cool stuff, like swimming in a natural swimming pool filled with river water and going salsa/clubbing with two of the roomates.


and were the only gringos dancing in the club:

IMG_3899We also went at say Jurassic World in the Tulua movie theater. It was all dubbed. So we got practice with translating. Because it was a matinee there was only one other couple in the theater, it was easy (and enjoyable) to talk amongst ourselves, trying to figure out the finer plot points.

From Tulua we got an overnight bus to Medellin, which will be a real blog post that I shall write at a later date!


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5 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Our first week in Colombia

  1. I’m happy you met nice people along the way. Welcome to Colombia!

    • Thank you! Colombia has been a beautiful country. We’re about to leave it already, and it’s a shame we don’t have more time to get to know the place.

  2. Nancy Redding

    Where do you hide those cute club dresses in your cramped, dirty backpacks? You all look lovely!

  3. Tanya Karasek

    Loved reading the posts. I found the yucca tortilla info so interesting! What a neat experience!

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